Mazl Girls Klezmer Band is group of dynamic female musicians performing traditional klezmer music, Jewish music and Israely songs with special acoustic arrangements.

Mazl Girls Klezmer Band, is outstanding in the "usual" klezmer tradition being an all girls band. This fact makes our show special, surprising intriguing and exciting.

Thanks to the band members great love for  Klezmer music and the musical treasure left by our ancestors, MAZL GIRLS KLEZMER BAND manages to draw the audience into an emotional experience, with emphasis on the  high level of professional performance.

* MAZL GIRLS KLEZMER BAND - offers a variety of shows with different kinds of ensembles  in a variety of styles, according to the requirements of the event.

Why MAZL? In Yiddish - Mazl  ...In hebrew מזל -MAZAL! 

 We are here for you to make every celebration special  and unforgettable .....wishing you MAZL TOV!

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